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Ever since we can remember, we have had a love for creative projects. Teaching ourselves the various skills and tools necessary along the way, we continued to build our expertise by hands-on experience.  We met in 2012 while working “real” jobs. We continued to dabble in various art forms and skills, which lead to launching a side business, Don Paul Designs, more as a hobby to do in our free time. In 2014, we had our daughter and knew that the best option was for Brooke to stay home with her, so we launched Don Paul Designs into a full-blown business to make that happen.  We continued to learn different trades and skills, and together we set out to conquer the world! As business grew, Don wanted to focus more on making more cornhole boards, and Brooke was doing more on the décor side, so we split off the company into two different branches: Colorado Cornhole Connection and Wildflower Rustics. We are both still equally involved in both companies, but this allows separation of interests. In 2017, our son was born and we continued to work from home; right where we wanted to be so we could spend more time with the family! In 2019 we moved to Greeley and moved our shop to our new home garage, which later transitioned into our first real 2,000 square foot shop. We continued to grow with all of your help, and now in 2022 we are in a 9,000 square foot warehouse that houses all our offices, retail space, league space, and our workshop! We have some bold dreams in mind as we build and grow this business in this new venue and we can't wait for you all to come check out what we are putting together!  


In our free time, we love spending time together as a family, and playing cornhole (of course).



What Sets Us Apart

We use the highest quality supplies and materials on our boards. We start with a ¾” Baltic Birch for the tops and rails. They are sanded, routed and assembled by hand. We glue and screw the tops of the boards to the frames from the underside, so there is no wood putty or blemishes on the top. Our boards also feature legs that fold down for easy storage. Choose from our Social Series, or our upgraded Comp Series which features leg braces, center braces, and a sturdy rope handle to help with transportation and mobility of the boards! All of our designs are directly printed and instantly UV cured, with several clear coats applied to the tops for smooth playability. The hardware we use is meant for rigidity and durability.


We take great pride in the high quality materials and craftsmanship in our boards! With proper care and maintenance, our boards will provide you with laughs and memories for years to come!

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